About Stephanie


Having been born and raised in Savannah…

the salt water runs through my veins and into my photography. Not just salt water, but the south in general. My love affair with Savannah shows in the photographs I create. From the dripping moss hanging from the oaks to the golden haze that peeks behind the salt marsh. Savannah has a story to tell, and you are a part of it. I’d love to help tell your story through imagery that makes you feel. My favorite part of being a photographer is that an image I take may make someone smile today, but may may them cry tomorrow. I received my first camera as a young child and feel extremely privileged to be behind it as my livelihood today. I am a mother, a lover of the ocean and all creatures. I adore old homes, history and nature; all of which find their way into my images. I have been told I have a calming personality while working. A compliment that means so much, especially on a wedding day. I would love to capture your most precious moments and help you to preserve the most beautiful of your memories.